I Suppose this VOIDS the Warranty

Figure 1:  My Pentax K5 probably isn’t under warranty now. 

So … I guess my K5 has long been out of warranty anyway.  About a year ago the mirror-box went out of calibration. Anyway – I think that’s what happened, and I thought about sending it in for a re-cal. Subsequently the LED/Live-View screen went belly up, and finally the main board.  The cost trade-offs seemed to imply that fixing the K5 was no longer an option, so I decided I may as well take it apart and see what makes it tick.  After a dozen or so tiny little screw removals …

Figure 2: Midway through the disassembly, the IBIS mech can be seen.

One of the fascinating things in this DSLR’s body case is the IBIS mech.  I was especially surprised at the amount of travel the IBIS mech can move as it compensates for camera shake.  Before seeing it, I thought of it as being a device that causes small vibrations of the sensor, with a fairly limited travel.  I’ve found that it actually moves around quite a bit inside of the sleeve that contains it.  The mechanism can be seen in figure 2, as well as in the gif-movie, below:

Figure 3: Moving the IBIS mech around with a pointer stick.

The next thing I looked at was the live-view screen.  It’s built into the back half of the body case, which comes off intact with removal of a couple very tiny screws and a ribbon cable. I had only one tiny screwdriver in my collection that was small enough for the job. See the gif-movie in Figure 4 for a look at the disassembled liveview panel.

Figure 4:   The liveview is built into the DSLR’s body’s back half.

When I studied the little motor for the shutter and/or mirror-box, I found a little bit of (what seemed to be) gum stuffed into a space very near that area.  It may not be actual chewing gum, but have some purpose that remains a mystery for me.  See figure six for a pic of the gum.  I have in my mind a picture of the young lady in the factory, chewing gum.  She quickly looks around, then giggles as she stashes the balled-up gum inside my camera …

Figure 5: More disassembly, even after case is completely removed, 

Note the huge capacitor (370 Volt) on the right hand side of the camera’s frame (grey and black stripe).  I’m guessing that it’s for the built-in flash.

Figure 6:  Was a ball of gum stashed next to motor?

I speak in jest of course, about the gum.   Or do I?  Maybe it was put there for vibration dampening.  Anyway,  with my primary camera in pieces before your eyes, I needed something else to take the pictures and gif-movies.   My aid in this endeavor was my backup camera, an older Panasonic Lumix GH1.  Like a backup quarterback, that camera may not always score the touchdown, but as least we’re able to execute some plays in the game until the new franchise QB can be located.

Figure 7: Surgery continues …

In figure 8 can be seen the main board, before it was removed in order to expose the IBIS mechanism.  It has some largish Pentax branded chips (and a bunch of others).  I always wondered how the Pentax body was weather-proofed.  My disassembly showed me the way.  There are grooves and locking overlaps running along the edges of all body panels, such as in the case where two or more panels meet.  this is similar to the way watertight electrical junction boxes are built.  Of course Pentax is famous for the waterproofing of its cameras.

Figure 8: Main board exposed after removing Liveview panel.

The main board can be seen in figure 8.  The K5 has served me well, and its taken its share of battle nicks.  I don’t think my medic skills will put it back together however.   Please be advised that only a skilled technician will take one of these techno-marvels apart AND successfully put it back together.  But, this outcome was expected, as I’d already written the epitaph.  Until a replacement can be located, I’ll carry on, carry on …

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