Still Trying to get the sharp shot

Figure 1:   Still coming up short

So, I upgraded my kit to have a camera without the anti-alias filter (a Pentax K5 /iis), and a Sigma lens.   Yet, the results so far leave me still wanting that sharpness factor.  I’m using the Sigma 18-250 mm lens in the shot shown in figure 1.  Click the picture to see it in full size.  Doesn’t the detail of the pic just lack something in terms of the sharpness factor?  Do I need a full frame camera to get what I want?  Is it the lens, the camera, or the picture taker that’s at fault?

There was plenty of light, a quick shutter, apperture set at f/8 or so, focal length set to about 50mm equivalent in order to stay away from the extreme end of the len’s capability, and a steady hand.  In addition, the IBIS mech was enabled.  The shot should have been just tastey,  right?  Am I too picky?

The focus point was selected to be about the half way point of the scene (distance) – which was pretty close to the infinity mark.


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